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Colorado Rockies dealing with slow starts from key players

Rockies news and links for May 6, 2017

Which players are off to the worst starts of 2017? | ESPN

We all know Carlos Gonzalez is off to a terrible start. With an already crowded outfield situation and the prospect of David Dahl eventually returning from injury, that issue has started to raise some uncomfortable questions for the Rockies. Dave Schoenfield writes about slow starts around baseball, and in CarGo’s case he suggests that the veteran might lose some playing time.

Can we actually imagine a scenario where CarGo starts fewer games simply because, say, Dahl and Ian Desmond are better options in the corner outfield spots? It’s easy to say that could happen in the abstract, but for the Rockies to actually go that route with one of their franchise players would be tricky.

Colorado Rockies Rumors: Is There Concern About Tyler Anderson? | Rox Pile

Speaking of slow starts, Kevin Henry digs into the struggles of Tyler Anderson and the recent shakeup to the starting rotation. Among other things, he notes that we are just 25 starts into Anderson’s big league career.

You can either take comfort in that and say that these are just the lumps of big league hitters adjusting to you, or you can reserve some skepticism and wonder if we got ahead of ourselves assuming Anderson was a top-of-the-rotation guy based on last season. Either way we still need to give Anderson more time before we come to any conclusions.

Once a top prospect, Domonic Brown eyes a different role down in Albuquerque | Baseball Census

The Albuquerque Isotopes have been able to offer a good amount of veteran presence and support for their young guys this season. In the case of Brown, you have a former top prospect who’s now just still hanging on and taking the chance to mentor teammates in the process. Cameron Goeldner talked to Brown about that and more, also getting some great insight about how Brown is focused on enjoying the game more now.

The Unplugged Effect: How cord-cutting could become baseball's next huge crisis | CBS Sports

Jonah Keri writes about the dreary outlook for the current business of professional sports and the bubble that might burst sooner than we think. It all starts with the struggles of big networks and whether they will be interested in television rights down the road. History tells us disinterest in those rights could lead to labor strife, making this a good reality check at a time when the business of baseball seems to be healthy.