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Colorado Rockies will call up Jeff Hoffman for double header against Cubs

Hoffman will be called up for the second game.

Update 5/9 11:05 am MT:

Hoffman will be available out of the pen and not starting tonight’s game according to Jenny Cavnar of Root Sports.

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The Colorado Rockies will call up Jeff Hoffman for the second game of the day-night double header against the Chicago Cubs today. After being a healthy scratch for his start for the Triple-A Albuquerque Isotopes opened the possibility for him to be called up for the double header, Bud Black confirmed the move this morning on MLB Network Radio. While they have not confirmed that he will start the second game it is highly probable that that is the plan.

Jeff Hoffman was acquired as the key piece of the Troy Tulowitzki trade in 2015. He made his MLB debut last fall with mixed results. The Rockies wanted him to focus more on command this spring and optioned him to Triple-A to work on that. After a few rough starts to begin the season, Hoffman has bounced back with a pair of great starts.

Black also said that they are happy with the current rotation going forward so this will most likely be a single start for Hoffman to help alleviate the pressure of the double header on the Rockies pitching staff.