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Colorado Rockies bench Carlos Gonzalez, win baseball game

Colorado Rockies news and notes for Thursday, June 15, 2017

Rockies sit slumping CarGo; catcher Murphy nearing call-up | Denver Post

It hasn't been great for Carlos Gonzalez recently. There was a time in May where it seemed like he was finally ready to turn the corner, but he is now mired in an 0-for-20 slump since the Rockies left Denver.

In related news, Tom Murphy is almost done with his rehab assignment and, seeing has he's hitting .414/.419/.724 in Triple-A, it will be quite difficult to justify keeping him down in Albuquerque. This poses a bit of an issue, since Ryan Hanigan, who is serving as the backup to Tony Wolters, doesn't have any options and so the Rockies may find themselves one catcher short down in AAABQ.

Rockies' Hunter Williams' unique journey |

The Rockies' eleventh round pick did not play affiliated baseball in 2017. When he showed up on the draft tracker it showed "No School." And yet, here is Hunter Williams, a very well regarded draft prospect before being ruled academically ineligible at UNC prior to this season. Thomas Harding tracked down Williams and got the story.

Rusin won’t let you down | BSN Rockies

Drew Creasman got to chat with Chris Rusin when the Rockies last came through Denver. Rusin has quietly elevated himself to the erstwhile "Fireman" role in the Rockies bullpen and has just so happened to thrive in that position.

3 players who deserve an All-Star Game roster spot | Roxpile

There are plenty of players who deserve to make the All-Star Game. However, these three Colorado Rockies may be on the bubble.

Purple Row

Rockies almost didn’t get Holland this past offseason | Purple Row

Imagine if Greg Holland was not on the Rockies. Bad scenario, right? Now imagine he was in Washington heading their dumpster fire of a bullpen instead. It could've happened, we found out yesterday.

MLB Draft 2017 results: Reactions to the Rockies rounds 3-10 picks | Purple Row

In case you missed it, we have a quick summary (with a lot of videos) of the Rockies Day 2 picks. We'll have a summary of Day 3 up later today.

Around the NL West

Ray Found His Third Pitch (And It’s Amazing) | AZ Snake Pit

What is fueling Robbie Ray’s dominance so far in 2017? Sean Testerman dives into what's made the big difference so far for Ray, who deserves a lot of credit for the Diamondbacks' resurgence this year.

Team that can’t hit loses to other team that can’t hit but did today | McCovey Chronicles