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Rockies’ bullpen, Carlos Gonzalez the subjects of latest Purple Dinosaur Podcast

Denver sports radio host Renaud Notaro joins Tyler and Anthony to talk Rockies. Get into it!

The Rockies won a baseball game Thursday night in which their bullpen blew a lead of eight (8) runs with three (3) innings to play. Generally, that approach is not good, but it worked last night. While the walk-off celebration was fun for everyone who wasn't Giants broadcaster Jon Miller, did it unmask a soft underbelly in this Colorado bullpen that's been so strong this year? And, if so, should you be worried? And, if you should be worried, what can the Rockies do to address the situation upon the returns of Jon Gray and Tyler Anderson and potentially Chad Bettis? And just how many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Rly makes u think.

Denver sports radio host Renaud Notaro joins the show this week to discuss what it's like being a Denver sports radio personality who actually knows and loves and understands and talks about baseball. Beyond his thoughts on the 2017 Rockies, Renaud also tells us what it's like the be the older brother of one of the greatest standup comedians on the planet and how he intends to save his adorable young nephews from being Dodgers fans while growing up in Los Angeles.

Plus Raimel Tapia has finally arrived. In his success, the Rockies have been sitting franchise luminary Carlos Gonzalez. How long does that last on both sides, and what does it mean for the rest of CarGo's time in Denver?

It's all on this week's edition of the PDP! Punch yourself in the face with it!