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Nolan Arenado's walk off cycle sends Internet into a frenzy

The internet reacted to the Rockies’ walk-off exactly as expected

In case you haven’t heard, the Rockies won yesterday. When you taken into account the comeback, the history (Nolan Arenado’s walk-off home run to cap a cycle), the opponent (the win capped the first ever four-game sweep by the Rockies over the Giants), and the situation in the standings (the Diamondbacks and Dodgers had both already won and a win preserved the Rockies’ one game lead in the division), it was one of the most exciting regular season games in franchise history.

So how did social media react? Going into the top of the ninth, there was some trepidation about Jake McGee entering the game to try to secure the save.

There was hope going into the bottom of the inning, though.

First, with one-out, Raimel Tapia singled to get the rally going.

Consecutive singles from Charlie Blackmon and DJ LeMahieu made it 5-4 with two runners on base. Nolan Arenado, sitting on a single, double, and a triple for the day, stepped to the plate.

Oh, it was.

(Note: In case Jack’s isn’t enough for you, BSN found all six for your listening pleasure).

Before too long, Twitter Moments had created something for the event.

The players had some reactions too.

Nobody was more fired up than Nolan.

It all capped a pretty special day at Coors Field.

Love this team.

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Neither do we.

What do you think? Was it a Top 5 moment in franchise history? What are the other moments that you’d place up there? How would you rank them? Consider this your Off-Day Open Thread!