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Rockies’ Carlos Gonzalez opens up about coming to America to play baseball

Colorado Rockies news and notes for Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Rockies' Gonzalez on family, learning English and MLB's unwritten code | ESPN

If you’re not reading ESPN’s new Beisbol Experience, remedy that today. All season long the network is celebrating the Latino players and their influence on the major leagues. It is essentially an exercise in empathy, a fun, at times heartbreaking, at all times humanizing look at the players teams bring from across the world to play the game. Much more can be said but I believe the material speaks for itself. Go read it today.

Also, the day this was published, Carlos Gonzalez had two hits, including a home run, and some great defense in the outfield. Just saying.

Gray will wait for his return because Rockies have the luxury of patience | Denver Post

More on this in a bit, but the Rockies are in a position to not have to rush back their ace pitcher from injury because of the talent they currently have in the rotation. Case in point: Gray's replacement, German Marquez, went six innings last night and allowed just one run on four hits with two walks and three strikeouts.

The Privilege of Youth, and the Greatest June Game You’ll Ever See | One Timezone One Team

The Rockies have an occasionally used blog, often used for such a time as this. Great thoughts on Nolan Arenado’s walk-off cycle and why, because we’re a young franchise, we’re more likely to remember it for a long time.

The Night Nolan Arenado Made History | FanGraphs Baseball

SPEAKING of Nolan, Craig Edwards did a little research on just how historic Nolan’s performance on Monday truly was.

Perhaps the Most Promising Rockies Development | FanGraphs Baseball

Jeff Sullivan turns his eye on the Rockies on a more meta level—wins and losses—and makes the claim that the thing that has been the biggest change so far this year for the Rockies is simply their performance on the road.

Rockies NL West surprises lead Power Rankings |

Oh, look! Validation that Power Rankings matter!

In all seriousness, I know the Astros had a tough week, but dropping them down two spots seems almost mean. And the fact that the Diamondbacks won seven in a row coming into yesterday and they can’t rise above the Red Sox and Yankees feels just...wrong somehow.

MLB power rankings: Dodgers, Rockies, D-backs lead the way |

Okay, that’s a little more realistic. Friend of the brand Jonah Keri breaks down each of the NL teams in this edition of his regular power rankings. No, the Rockies aren’t the top of the pack but I don’t think we can claim the national media isn’t paying attention anymore.

There's something in the air at Coors Field | Rox Pile

Sarabeth Pollock takes a step back to appreciate where the Rockies stand.

Commence Rockies Roster Crunch 2017 | BSN Rockies

You know what's a good problem to have? Too many good players.

Purple Row

Colorado Rockies start crucial stretch against NL West opponents | Purple Row

Off to a good start! But can YOU name the Diamondbacks' manager without looking it up?

The Rockies bandwagon should be the welcome wagon | Purple Row

The bandwagon is only going to get more crowded as this team keeps winning. Here's why that's a good thing.

The Colorado Rockies have put themselves in a great position | Purple Row

Here's WHY that bandwagon is going to get more crowded: the team's playoff odds continue to surge and it is becoming ever-less likely that they'll be done after game 162.

Around the NL West and MLB

My one terrible wish - AZ Snake Pit

This is an old piece but it deserves some eyes. What Charlie calls schadenfreude, I call Stockholm Syndrome.

Rockies continue to hear trash talk from Dodgers manager | Rox Pile

Okay, okay, we see you Dave Roberts. We'll be sure someone takes an extra 12.2 seconds to get ready before Kershaw pitches and see how on his game he is then.

MLB: Home runs and strikeouts are up, and it's a problem |

Tom Verducci uses Dodgers stars Cody Bellinger and Clayton Kershaw to document what many consider to be the biggest potential long term problem for baseball. Now, personally, I think the game is fine, and I believe there will be an adjustment at some point, though MLB may have to step in, a la lowing the mound after 1968, to make that adjustment happen.