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FanPost Friday: Rockies nicknames on uniforms

The last weekend of August is Players Weekend. What should the Rockies put on their uniforms?

FanPost Friday is back! We took an extended break to give folks a chance to write “Why I’m a Rockies Fan” posts (you should check those out if you haven’t already) and, based on some recent reader feedback we’ve received, we’re going to stick with twice per month FanPost Friday prompts. Here’s what we have this month.

Last week, Major League Baseball announced that August 25-27 will be Players Weekend. According to the memo the league sent to the players, uniform rules will be relaxed for the three weekend games including limitations on colored spikes. Players will also get to personalize their jerseys with a patch that pays tribute to a group or individual instrumental to their development and even replace their nameplates with a personalized nickname.

The NBA did something similar a few years ago, so it’s exciting that baseball is trying to have a little fun. Charlotte Wilder suggested players spoonerize their names for the weekend, but I have a feeling that the collective of Rockies fans can come up with something even better for our boys in purple.

What nicknames, patches, or other personalizations should Rockies players do with their uniforms on Players Weekend?

There’s only one real limitation here: the Rockies are on the road playing the Atlanta Braves for that weekend, so no home pinstripes will be worn. Everything else is fair game (assuming, of course, it abides by community rules).

I encourage you to be as creative as you like. Sure, Carlos Gonzalez could just put CarGo on this jersey, but what about Nolan Arenado? Do we have nicknames for the rookies in the rotation that will work on a jersey? What sort of patch should Tony Wolters wear? How crazy is DJ LeMahieu going to get with the colors?

RocksRock4 wrote one up last week, but you can follow whatever template you like. You can go in depth on one or two players—figure out their uniform from head to toe—or you can go through everyone on the 40-man roster if you have the time/creativity.

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