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The Colorado Rockies flaws have been on display the past few days

Rockies news and links for Sunday June 25, 2017.

The Rockies are leaning on rookie pitchers. But how long can they last? | Denver Post
The rough patch the Rockies are in right now, which isn't even that rough all things considered, is not unexpected. The Rockies have been relying on young pitching and have been winning, despite a on offense that has been mostly delinquent. Everyone agrees that each rookie has a lot of potential, and everyone also agrees they all still have more growing and learning to do.

Rockies are not a fraud, but they are flawed | Denver Post
This one is from Patrick Saunders, and it can be read as a continuation of the previously linked article from Groke. Both accurately identify legitimate concerns without being fatalistic about them.

Keeping pace in the NL West means learning on the fly for the Rockies | Denver Post
We're always learning more about Raimel Tapia. Here, Nick Groke spoke with Tapia about his outfield defense. It sounds like he takes it as seriously as his approach at the plate, which means he wants to be great at it. He's not there yet, but all reports indicate that Tapia has the smarts and work ethic to maximize his own potential in the outfield the same way he has at the plate.

Rockies rookie Raimel Tapia talks to his bat |
And you thought "we're still learning about Raimel Tapia" ended with his development in the outfield. Thomas Harding has a great piece about the conversations Tapia has, and has always had, with his baseball bats.

The Rockies are playing 86 games for the chance at one more game | BSN Rockies
This is a great reminder that context matters. The Rockies have been as much as 21 games over .500 in 2017, and at that moment they were in first place in the division by a whole 0.5 game. The Dodgers, as expected, are the superior team, and the Rockies were always a long shot to win the division this year.

But the Rockies and Diamondbacks don't seem to have much competition for the two Wild Card spots. As of right now, the Rockies and Diamondbacks both have over an 80 percent chance to make the playoffs, very likely against one another in an elimination game.

Colorado Rockies: Must-win games? No. Must-compete games? Yes. | Rox Pile
And another reminder that a baseball season is a marathon and that any "must win" game for the Rockies will take place in September, not June. That doesn't mean the team should roll over though.

Purple Row

Jon Gray’s return from injury is just what the Colorado Rockies need | Purple Row
It's a good thing the Rockies don't need Jon Gray to be a savior, because one starting pitcher can't serve that role. But they sure do need him.

Jon Gray says he is ready to return to Colorado Rockies after 3rd rehab start | Purple Row
Speaking of which, Jon Gray made what should be his final rehab start in Albuquerque last night. My guess is that he'll pitch on Friday.

Around the NL West

Diamondbacks 9, Phillies 2: The Bats Awaken | AZ Snake Pit
Stop winning, Diamondbacks!

Giants Meander Aimlessly Further Into Void | McCovey Chronicles
Hey, I know what that feels like! I don't feel that this year—at least not as far as baseball goes.