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Colorado Rockies remain confident despite losing streak

Colorado Rockies news and notes for Thursday, June 29, 2017

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Rockies confident in first-half performance |

Despite experiencing one of the most disheartening losing streaks since 2010, the Rockies seem to be more focused on what came in the first 73 games and what’s going to come in the following 81. “I think we’re what, like, [13] games over .500? It’s pretty good and we haven’t played our best ball yet,” Nolan Arenado told Alex Espinoza. One can hope that the offense starts to turn it around soon. And the team is still waiting to get Jon Gray back into the rotation. It’s going to get better (PLEASE!).

Colorado Rockies' rookies face tall task as mid-summer approaches | USA Today

Jorge Ortiz has a great profile of the corps of rookie rotation members—Jeff Hoffman, Kyle Freeland, German Marquez, and Antonio Senzatela—and how they are working to adjust to the league (specifically the division) adjusting to them.

Nolan Arenado makes another dazzling highlight play for Rockies | The Denver Post

Play of the year? Play of the year. Play of the YEAR!

The Top Ten Plays of Nolan Arenado’s Career | BSN Rockies

You may quibble with the selections or the order, but that only further solidifies the point: Nolan Arenado is an absolute joy to watch on defense.

The best and worst at the season's midway point | Rox Pile

Yes, we have officially played half of the 162-game schedule. That prompts taking a look back. Despite the losing streak, there have been some huge, memory making moments.

When in the course of Colorado Rockies events | Mile High Sports

Looking for some optimism about the Rockies? Benny Bash takes it to the next level. It’s an off day, we could use some optimism!

Purple Row and FanPosts

Next 16 Games | Purple Row FanPost

User hurtag wrote this a few weeks ago (such simpler times) and said the Rockies needed to go 8-8 for this stretch of games in question to be a success. Now, success is all relative but keep in mind a three-game sweep in Arizona this weekend would accomplish that goal. So there’s that!

Nickname That Would've Been A LOT Cooler Last Year | Purple Row FanPost

RockyMtnAqua has some recommendations for nicknames (assuming it's a response to last week's FanPost Friday question).

Around the NL West

Dodgers implode in 9th after comeback - True Blue LA

The Dodgers quite literally threw this game away. I'm not sure I've seen a walk-off win quite like this one before...and it makes my heart leap for joy!

Arizona Diamondbacks 3, St. Louis Cardinals 4: #RobotUmpsNow | AZ Snake Pit

Torey Lovullo (who, I can confirm, is the Diamondbacks' actual manager and not an auto-created player on MLB The Show) got ejected last night for arguing with the umpires. This is my world's smallest violin.

Padres 7, Braves 4: Pads hang on for the win and DFA Bartolo Colon | Gaslamp Ball

Seriously, even the Padres are winning baseball games now. This is ridiculous.

Jae-gyun Hwang’s first major league hit was a homer, and the Korean call was outstanding | McCovey Chronicles

Yeah, this sucked because timing and all that BUT the headline tells the truth.