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The Colorado Rockies are only in a losing streak in what is a great season so far

Rockies news and links for June 30, 2017.

Don’t Freak Out About Recent Rockies Slump | FanRag Sports
Jesse Spector has another reminder that even good teams can be bad, and that the Rockies’ full body of work over their first 81 games shouldn’t be lost in the awfulness of the past eight. In those eight games, the pitching has been bad, but even good pitching wouldn’t be able to overcome the wretched state of the offense. Spector concludes:

The cliché is that you’re never as bad as you look when you’re losing, and while in some cases that isn’t entirely true, even the worst team in baseball isn’t as bad as the Rockies have looked during this painful — but most importantly, temporary — slump.

Rockies counting on Jon Gray, pitching staff |
Thomas Harding previews Jon Gray's return to the mound this Friday with a look back at the ups and downs the young rotation has experienced so far this season, but especially over the last eight games. The Rockies, in short, are getting Gray back at just the right time.

If this isn’t Rox bottom, the Rockies are screwed | BSN Rockies
A lot has been going wrong for the Rockies during their eight game losing streak, but a lot was going wrong even when they were winning. It's just that things were going right then, too, especially from the mound. There are definitely ways it can get worse for the Rockies, but the bulk of the season indicates that it's more reasonable to be optimistic than pessimistic right now.

Colorado Rockies: What if they make no moves at the trade deadline? | Rox Pile
Kevin Henry asks a reasonable question because, historically, the Rockies don't tend do much at the trade deadline, whether in a contention year or a lost year. If we take the Rockies first 81 games as a whole and in the context of the rest of the National League, the team should be in good shape for the rest of the season. In that sense, doing nothing at the deadline should at least still lead to a competitive September, and very likely a Wild Card berth. But there are clear areas where a trade can put the team in an even better position.

Picking the 2017 National League All-Stars | FanGraphs
Dave Cameron created his All-Star roster, and there's not a whole lot to quibble with, even as it pertains to the Rockies. If picked Charlie Blackmon as his starting center fielder and Greg Holland as one of his bullpen arms. The quibble is that he chose Nolan Arenado for a reserve role rather than a starter. He went with Justin Turner instead. It's understandable to give the start to a guy hitting .379/.466/.535, but I'd push him down my list due to his .414 BABIP. And while Turner is a good defender, Arenado's status as the best defender at third base is enough to push him over the top for me.

Baseball Analytics: Another way to love the game | La Vida Baseball
On the one hand, this is shameless self promotion. On the other hand, Ubaldo Jiménez gets a lot of play here so it’s fair game.

Purple Row

These playoff teams show Rockies’ slump is no reason to panic - Purple Row
And let's add this one to today's macro-theme.

Don’t panic when the Rockies struggle in 2017 | Purple Row
And this one too.

MLB Futures Game 2017: Brendan Rodgers, Ryan McMahon will play in All-Star weekend contest | Purple Row
Brendan Rodgers and Ryan McMahon are headed to Miami!

(For the Futures Game.)

NL West

The home run revolution has completely passed AT&T Park | McCovey Chronicles
Recent research suggests that changes to the baseball are the reason for the increase in home runs over the past year. That increase, however, hasn't found its way to AT&T Park. Grant Brisbee supplies the words and numbers about this anomaly.