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Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado is getting into a rhythm

Rockies news and notes for Sunday June 4th, 2017

#ASGWorthy Arenado getting locked in at plate |

Ian Desmond’s grand slam and Tyler Chatwood’s eight inning start might have overshadowed it, but yesterday Nolan Arenado went deep for the second time in three games. Though Arenado hasn’t been ice cold yet this year, he hasn’t been truly hot yet either. Thomas Harding reports that Arenado feels like he’s getting into a rhythm, so perhaps we’ll start seeing Arenado’s bat go ballistic soon. With some of the talk about how good of a season Blackmon has been having or how Mark Reynolds has led the team in the Triple Crown stats, it may be time for Arenado to reclaim the leadership role on offense.

Keri the 10: Astros go on offensive, Cubs issues pile up and more MLB observations | CBS Sports

Charlie Blackmon makes Jonah Keri’s list of 10 observations for the second week in a row. He’s a little confused with Blackmon’s home/road splits, which shows his home stats much better than his road stats. The biggest issue is that Blackmon started out extremely cold on the road, hitting .185 (10 for 54) in April with just two extra base hits. He got nastier on the road in May and June, going an even .333 (24 for 72) with eight extra base hits. So what I’m saying is that those severe splits should even out some. Keri also has some words about old friend Corey Dickerson.

LoDo: A renaissance owed to Coors Field, urban pioneers and smart politics | Denver Post

Take a trek back through time with Jon Murray as he reflects on how downtown Denver has changed in the years since Coors Field was built. The black and white pictures reminded me of photos of the 1920s even though they are from only about twenty years ago. Murray says that the value of all property near the stadium has grown three times faster than all other property in the Denver area.

Will David Dahl have a spot in the Rockies lineup when he returns | Fanrag Sports

On talent alone, David Dahl should be a better option than Gerardo Parra. However, if health is a skill, Dahl has yet to demonstrate that talent. I’m not a doctor and not all injuries are the same, but it seems like Jon Gray with his broken foot, Tom Murphy with his broken arm, and maybe even Chad Bettis with his recovery from cancer may return sooner than David Dahl does. There was a time, not that long ago, when the Rockies success seemed to depend on the health of two players. Thankfully, this team has enough depth to fill in gaps where needed.