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Purple Row Reader’s Survey

Help us make Purple Row the best it can be

Recently we sought some feedback from you, our above-average intelligent readers of Purple Row, on what we can do to make the FanPost and FanShot sections more fun. We received a lot of great feedback on that and wanted to extend our gratitude and let you know what we’re doing in response.

We created guides for using the FanPost editor, as well as how to write a good FanPost. We’re highlighting more FanPosts on the front page and we’re dropping those links into the morning Rockpiles. We’ve also created a section highlighting our best FanPosts; any FanPost that gets more than three “recs” will be placed in this group. We’ve also scaled back FanPost Friday to be an every-other-week prompt, both to give folks more time to respond and to not overwhelm the community with calls for FanPosts. Pretty much all of this came from your feedback so, once again, thank you for your help.

Now we want to get more input from you on the site in general. Following the lead of Cincy Jungle (an SBNation Bengals blog), we’ve created a survey for you to complete. It shouldn’t take you too long but hopefully it will help us improve Rockies coverage here at Purple Row.

If you have more specific feedback, please feel free to contact the managing editors, Eric Garcia McKinley and Bryan Kilpatrick, or myself via email.

With your help we hope to make Purple Row the best spot for Rockies coverage on the internet. Thanks in advance and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

Click here to take Purple Row’s Reader Survey or fill it out below