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Father’s Day 2017: Rockies gift ideas for the dad in your life

Personalized bats, Coors Field blueprint mugs, and really really light blue jeans are part of our Dad’s Day gift guide.

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Baseball is meant to be consumed and enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, or parental role. But ask fans of the sport how they were introduced to baseball, and most would probably tell you it came to pass through a bond with their dad or grandpa.

That, combined with the holiday taking place right in the middle of the season, is what makes baseball and Father’s Day a legendary and inseparable combo.

Since you’re reading this post right now, chances are that either you or a close family member or two—father types, perhaps—love the Colorado Rockies. With Father’s Day around the corner, you might be looking for ideas to make the day of that special Rox fan in your life. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered on that front.

Here are three gift ideas to make Father’s Day for the Rockies Dad in your life a special one.

Personalized Rockies baseball bat | Louisville Slugger, $69.99

This full-size baseball bat is the perfect item to celebrate and commemmorate any dad on his day. Make sure to tell him that this bat is of the same quality as those used by big leaguers so that he can proudly show off his swing and hopefully not damage anything in the process.

Louisville Slugger also offers personalized ball gloves. Click here for a full showing of their Rockies-related items.

Coors Field stainless steel travel mug | Ballpark Blueprints, $35

*Get 10 percent off of your purchase by entering promo code PURPLEROW

Ballpark Blueprints has taken their iconic artwork and put it on a quality stainless steel mug, which is good for coffee, soda, hot chocolate, or even the product that is manufactured by the company that holds the naming rights to your favorite ball yard.

Ballpark Blueprints also has various Coors Field prints as well as several colors of t-shirts available for purchase, and any of them would represent an equally tremendous addition’s to dad’s dadspace.

Rockies Magazine subscription | Colorado Rockies, $25

Some of your favorite writers and Rockies media personalities — Thomas Harding, Julian Valentin, Jesse Spector, Tyler Maun, and yours truly, among others — have regular features in the Rockies’ official monthly program, which includes behind-the-scenes looks at your favorite players and stories that focus on human interest.

Oh, and the photography—you have got to see the photography (insert heart-eyes emoji).

Light blue denim jorts, white tennies | Most department stores, $20


Quit foolin’ around already and get your dad—who has “had it up to here” and informs me that you’re “cruisin’ for a bruisin’”—what he really wants. Yardwork tan may or may not be included.