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Rockies pitchers among those weighing in on juiced balls, spike in home runs

Rockies news and links for July 1, 2017

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Is MLB's ball juiced? Pitchers strongly believe something's not right | USA Today

The league is on pace to shatter records for home runs in a season. June has been especially noteworthy with balls leaving the yard, although you wouldn’t know it from watching the Colorado Rockies.

Bob Nightengale catches up with a number of pitchers about the theory that balls are juiced this season. Among the comments: “Every park feels like Colorado.” Although, if pitchers got to face the Rockies of last week, they might prefer pitching at Coors.

This also seems like a good time to link again to the work of Ben Lindbergh over at The Ringer, as he has been on to this for a while now.

Rockies pitchers agree that baseballs might be “juiced” this season | Denver Post

Mike Dunn is among those who agrees about the baseballs. He does make sure to say he doesn’t have any evidence that the balls are juiced. On the one hand, we might make a crack here about the Rockies pitchers having seen plenty of evidence over the last week or so. On the other hand, this would be another chance to make fun of the Rockies offense.

But hey, they scored six runs last night and they won. It’s all good. Or at least better than it was at this time yesterday.

What May 2000 tells us about June's record barrage of home runs | ESPN

Did we mention home runs are way up around the league? Dave Schoenfield compares the astounding numbers of June this year to May of 2000. One big difference? The names at the top of the leaderboard, prompting Schoenfield to put it as plainly as one could: “home runs are cheap right now, and everybody is hitting them.”

Except the Rockies. Ah shoot, I slipped. I promise that is the last one.

Keri the 10: Babying pitchers doesn't work, Scherzer vs. Kershaw and more MLB notes | CBS Sports

Among the tidbits that might matter to Rockies fans: how to handle young pitchers and whether or not to baby them. If you haven’t noticed, the Rockies have a few rookie pitchers. There’s been no sign yet of coddling them or being overly protective, but it will be interesting to see as the innings rack up over the course of the season.

Also of note, a discussion of Paul Goldschmidt and whether he is the best first baseman in the league. Spoiler: he is.

Dave Roberts & Andy Green have to be separated in rare baseball manager fight | SB Nation

Fiiiiiight! In other NL West action on Friday, Roberts wanted a piece of Green over alleged sign stealing. And here’s a look at the incident from San Diego’s perspective, with an interesting note about the players in the locker room and how they view Green.