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Colorado Rockies pitchers have some tricks for Coors Field

Rockies news and links for July 15, 2017

The Colorado Rockies and Coors Field: A tale of struggles, homers and acceptance | Sports Illustrated

Despite a 14-2 shellacking at the hands of the New York Mets on Friday, the improvements of the pitching staff continue to have people’s attention. This article by Albert Chen about the Rockies and their ability to now “survive” on the mound is even teased on the cover of this week’s hard copy magazine (if you’re an old man like me and you still get actual magazines).

This is a great piece that talks about the challenges of Coors Field without just saying “COORS” and leaving it at that. It includes tricks that pitchers have found to pitch at altitude, from the expected to the unexpected. Also, Darren Holmes is the best.

Why each 50-win team will -- and won't -- stay hot in the second half | ESPN

Given the dire state of affairs after Friday night’s loss, you would think the reasons that the Rockies won’t stay hot would take up their entire space in the article. Jerry Crasnick actually looks at the bullpen as the biggest source of concern, noting that he thinks the lineup will get back on track with the guys they have.

I sure hope he’s right, and I also see that Crasnick does not spend time in the world known as Rockies Twitter. For that, he has peace and a lot less concern about Carlos Gonzalez.

Colorado Rockies: 3 things to notice about Friday’s lineup | Rox Pile

In advance of the aforementioned ugly loss in New York last night, Kevin Henry takes a look at the tweaked lineup. Gerardo Parra batted cleanup, and that wasn’t even the biggest question on our minds. That would be a tie between what to do with Trevor Story and what to do with CarGo.

Jeff Hoffman and Kyle Freeland join MLB Network

Courtesy of the Colorado Rockies Twitter account, a great conversation with two of the team’s young starting pitchers.

Ian Desmond likely to return to the Rockies on Saturday; other roster moves on the horizon | Denver Post

Some juggling will happen in the days ahead, with the biggest question being who will be sent down to make room for Desmond. Patrick Saunders lays out the options.

Say this: it better not be Raimel Tapia.