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MLB Trade Rumors: Rockies reportedly interested in JD Martinez

Martinez would provide a huge offensive boost for the Rockies

The Rockies are reportedly interested in trading for Tigers outfielder JD Martinez, according to Jon Morosi.

Martinez is a 29-year-old right-handed outfielder in the final year of a two-year contract, so he’d be a rental for the Rockies. He would, however, be a good one. The Astros released Martinez prior to the 2014 season, and the Tigers picked him up before that season began. Since then, all he’s done is hit .300/.360/.550. This year, he’s .306/.384/.622, 60 percent above league average according to wRC+. That’s better than anybody on the Rockies this season, even if we spotted everyone an additional 20 points for inaccurate adjustments for Coors Field. In other words, Martinez would immediately be not only the best hitting outfielder on the Rockies, but quite possibly the best hitter overall.

A major question is where, exactly, Martinez would play. More directly: Who would lose playing time due to his presence? Martinez is a right-fielder by trade, and that’s a spot where the Rockies seem to have room. Carlos González might already have permanently lost his hold on the position, and Gerardo Parra, Ian Desmond, and Raimel Tapia all fit better in left field. But that just raises more questions about who will be thinned out of a crowded left field, as well as who might lose a spot on the roster altogether if the Rockies acquire Martinez. This is made more complicated with the impending return of David Dahl.

If interest turns to action, acquiring Martinez would probably cost the Rockies at least one very good prospect. It would be a win-now move that would almost certainly make the 2017 team more competitive.