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MLB Trade Rumors: Rockies GM says team targeting bullpen help as deadline approaches

Colorado Rockies news and notes for Thursday, July 20, 2017

Nolan Arenado's big day was not not televised |

Stephanie Apstein does well to point out what should be obvious to those willing to take a step back from the day-to-day stress if a playoff race: times are good in Denver for baseball. She makes another important point: fans should get to watch all of it.

Dahl activated from DL, optioned to Triple-A | Rockies PR

In a somewhat surprising move, the Rockies activated outfielder David Dahl from the 60-day disabled list yesterday, even though he still had over a week left on his rehab assignment. He was immediately optioned to Triple-A Albuquerque. In a way, it makes sense: if the team isn’t willing to carry Raimel Tapia on the 25-man roster despite hitting .314/.369/.480 in 102 at bats, they would be hard pressed to find playing time for Dahl. If nothing else this sets up Dahl for a slow recovery and removes the pressure of him having to rush himself back if his body isn’t ready. Still, it’s hard not to wonder if two of the team’s four best outfielders right now are currently kicking around PCL pitchers.

MLB Trade Deadline

Rockies aim to beef up bullpen at Deadline |

Thomas Harding got a one-on-one with the man himself, Rockies GM Jeff Bridich. There's not a lot of revelatory stuff in here, but it's still a good peek behind the curtain about what Rockies brass are thinking heading into the trade deadline.

Should the Rockies trade for an arm or a bat at the MLB deadline? | Denver Post

Look at Kiz being all responsible and grown up (his words), advocating for a modest bullpen upgrade at the deadline so as to not mortgage the future while the contention window is just opening now. Groke thinks grabbing Marcell Ozuna from the Marlins would be the best idea, but there’s reason to believe Miami would rather hold onto him for now.

What do the Rockies need to counter the Arizona's J.D. Martinez trade? | Roxpile

The Diamondbacks have made an improvement to their lineup at a cost that makes you wonder what the Rockies could've offered to get JD Martinez from the Tigers (considering Arizona's system is *ahem* not good, it's not difficult to imagine the Rockies could've had him for a package in which Jordan Patterson would've been the headliner). Noah Yingling runs through a few position players the Rockies could target, but, unfortunately, it seems like the Marlins are intent on hanging onto their young outfielders. Besides, it may be that the Rockies seem content with sicking with a mediocre offense.

Not all of the Rockies’ latest trade rumors pass the sniff test | BSN Rockies

Ben Karp has the right idea that if the Rockies are going to make an improvement at the deadline, they shouldn't mortgage the future to do so. That being said, based on the market for non-starting pitchers, the Rockies should be able to make a moderate upgrade without giving up too much talent (more on that later today).

Player Profiles

Parra keeps it simple in rebound year |

After a four-hit day yesterday, it seems that the adjustments are working for Gerardo Parra, who we always believed in. Yep, no need to check the archives, I did already and we definitely always were behind Gerardo Parra. You were, too, remember?

Amidst adversity, Venezuela inspires Carlos González | Rox Pile

As Venezuela faces adversity, the impact Carlos González will have at home and with the Colorado Rockies will be immeasurable long after he's done playing. Great look into real life beyond the baseball diamond from Ben Macaluso.

Holland back to being best closer in baseball | BSN Rockies

Adrian Dater has a nice in depth profile Greg Holland. While he re-hashes a lot of territory, it's helpful to remember just how far Greg Holland has come, especially considering the probable payday waiting for him this offseason.


Coors Field food guide: Eating up the innings at a Rockies game | Denver Post

These days, the food and drink at Coors Field are as much of an attraction as Charlie Blackmon home runs.

Around the NL West

Dodgers Dugout: Breaking down the amazing 29-4 run | LA Times

The Dodges may never lose another regular season game. Too bad they're going to lose in the NLCS anyway.

The J.D. Martinez trade: The Internet reacts | AZ Snake Pit

Yeah, this hurts the Rockies so much I'm not sure I can approve of this at all. It was clearly a good move for the Diamondbacks, but it makes me wonder how easily the Rockies could've had him had they not had too many expensive, below-average-hitting outfielders.

The Giants might actually be interested in Pablo Sandoval | McCovey Chronicles

A sad season gets sadder.