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Rockies’ trade deadline strategy the focus of latest Purple Dinosaur Podcast

Anthony and Tyler are back and talking about our beloved 56-41 baseball club.

We didn't forget about you over the last few weeks, but we apologize for the layoff. Either way, the PDP is back! Lucky you.

This week, we're diving into a Rockies team that has played better ball since their homestand before the All-Star Break (although it would be hard to have played worse than they did in the losing streak leading up to that). The MLB trade deadline looms. What will the Rockies do? What *should* the Rockies do? What would you be willing to part with to reel in a contributing big league component to this roster, and is it all worth it while the Rockies play for a window of contention that lasts well beyond 2017?

All that and more is on this week's PDP. Load it into your printer and fire out some missives with it!