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MLB Trade Deadline 2017: The Rockies can target needs and wants

Rockies news and links for July 21, 2017

The top deadline needs for MLB’s contenders | The Ringer

The Rockies are included in a list with this title on July 20, so that’s something. Also something, Zach Kram notes that an area the Rockies could improve is catcher. As we’ve written, Rockies catchers have been awful at the plate this year, and the defensive metrics have also declined. That’s particularly surprising for Tony Wolters. And also like we wrote before, Kram cites Alex Avila as a potential trade target for the Rockies.

The Rockies must improve their bullpen before the trade deadline |Rox Pile
Noah Yingling makes the same case about the Rockies improving their bullpen. He tracks the group's performance month-by-month and suggests that it's a key area to improve.

For Nolan Arenado, one big hit in October would be way cooler than a three-HR game in July | Denver Post
Mark Kiszla begins this one with a list of Nolan Arenado's growing accomplishments. The first quote that Kiszla provides from Arenado, however, is this: "But . . . I've got no playoff experience." Rockies fans who have been watching Arenado play for the better part of four years know how excited this excitable player will be once that happens, so it's no surprise that that Arenado is so enthusiastic speaking about the possibility here.

Given what other contenders have done at the deadline, Kiszla suggests that the Rockies should do something at the trade deadline to improve the team. He notes that "it would be foolish to give away the farm" in the process, but as far as I can tell nobody is really advocating for that anyhow, so he that statement is unlikely to meet any resistance. He does suggest that the Rockies can improve by targeting a handful of bullpen arms. That would improve the team in a real way while also only costing the Rockies some mid- to low-tier prospects.

It could also provide a new late-inning reliever if the Rockies choose not to pursue re-signing Holland for a big contract (barring an injury, Holland is extremely likely to opt-out of his contract and become a free agent; he might still stay with the Rockies, but it will cost them). Ultimately, it’s clear that Arenado will endorse anything the Rockies do to improve before the deadline.

Nolan Arenado using unusual technique at plate |
Joe Trezza analyzes Nolan Arenado's swing mechanics. In particular, he focuses on what Arenado does with his right leg prior to swinging. Ryan Spilborghs, quoted in the article, describes it as having active feet. That's not surprising for someone like Arenado, who brings palpable energy to the field in just about everything he does. This is well worth reading.

Colorado Rockies: Gerardo Parra creating offense at stunning clip | Rox Pile
Count me among those surprised, impressed, and happy about Gerardo Parra's performance at the plate so far. After last year's disastrous season, I was pessimistic about Parra. It wasn't just that he had a bad season, it was the way he had a bad season. He seemed to have lost all awareness of the strike zone and couldn't hit anything with any sort of authority. It was bad results as well as bad process.

He's been excellent in 2017 though, as Kevin Henry writes here. Parra’s unlikely to keep it up at this pace for the remainder of the season, but all he needs to do is remain at the level he hit from 2011 to 2015 (.276/.329/.409) to provide a ton of value to the Rockies.

Purple Row

Nolan Arenado’s offensive eruption was a surprise to nobody | Purple Row
Purple Row's Jordan Freemyer echoes the love here, noting that nobody was really surprised that Arenado had the game he had on Wednesday. It wasn't exactly a Scooter Gennett moment.

MLB trade deadline 2017: J.D. Martinez, Todd Frazier deals prove it's a buyer's market | Purple Row
And Ryan Schoppe notes that if the Rockies do intend to enter the free agent market for relievers, non-Zach Britton category, they can expect to acquire one without having to give up that much.

Around the NL

Arizona Diamondbacks 12, Cincinnati Reds 2: #ToreyKnowsBest | AZ Snake Pit
Arizona can't lose 'em all, I guess. The Diamondbacks gained a half-game on the Rockies during Colorado's day off yesterday.

Milwaukee Brewers drop 5th straight game, get swept in Pittsburgh | Brew Crew Ball
The Brewers, on the other hand, are in a bit of a funk. They've now lost five straight.