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MLB Trade Deadline 2017: Rockies face different markets for bullpen and position players

Rockies news and links for July 22, 2017

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Long List Of Teams Interested In AJ Ramos | MLB Trade Rumors

The Rockies are listed among those who could add Ramos, an electric bullpen arm who has sometimes struggled with inconsistency like almost any relief pitcher who has ever thrown a baseball.

On the one hand, you can look at the cost of relievers so far and take heart that Colorado can bolster that struggling unit on the cheap. On the other hand, that’s an awful lot of teams looking at the services of a reliever who might offer more value. The Rockies have internal options, sketchy though they may seem, and will presumably weigh things accordingly as they think about trades for the volatile beast known as the bullpen.

Jon Heyman had the scoop on the list of Ramos suitors.

Life on the bubble: MLB teams at trade deadline see fortunes turn in a hurry | USA Today

Despite an ugly loss Friday, the Rockies seem to have battled back from the stretch that might have turned their fortunes in terms of whether they will be buyers or sellers. Now they can keep an eye on the other teams on that bubble and see if any trade targets emerge.

Looking at the teams that will feel pressure to decide one way or the other, the Baltimore Orioles jump out, given recent rumors about the Rockies looking at potential deals to add one of their young pitchers to the fold.

Trade Market For Shortstops | MLB Trade Rumors

If the Rockies want to give a temporary boost to the shortstop position, it looks like there will be less competition there. None of these options are overly exciting, with Zack Cozart leading the list as the most obvious fit. Rentals never seem to interest the Rockies much, but if they were concerned enough about Trevor Story’s struggles to consider that route, it looks like help could be had on the cheap.

Colorado Rockies injury updates: Tyler Chatwood and Tyler Anderson | Rox Pile

The veterans, relatively speaking, are both working their way back to the rotation from their respective leg injuries. From this update from Kevin Henry, it sounds like Chatwood is closer to returning after throwing a simulated game on Friday.

There are two people responsible for the Giants likely signing Pablo Sandoval | McCovey Chronicles

We get to laugh now, but just wait until the Rockies are bringing what’s left of Troy Tulowitzki back to Colorado in a couple years.