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Colorado Rockies GM Jeff Bridich will face tough trade deadline decisions

Rockies news and notes for Sunday July 23rd, 2017

Saunders: Rockies GM Jeff Bridich’s desk is crowded with tough decisions | Denver Post

The Rockies biggest need is a high-quality shutdown right handed reliever, whose performance would be even more vital in a one run playoff game. However, it’s been my feeling the last few weeks that the Rockies may do something major, grabbing a bullpen arm and an upgrade or two elsewhere, such as catcher. It might be just a bit too easy for a “prospect for reliever” trade to explode into a blockbuster deal.

Riley Pint, Michael Matuella Make Progress | Baseball America

It was just a few years ago that Rockies fans wanted, some might even say needed, Jon Gray and Eddie Butler to save the pitching staff. The current Rockies starters are under team control until 2022 ,when Jon Gray and Tyler Anderson become eligible for free agency. It turns out it’s a pretty good group of guys to keep around. Based on their development, the Rockies are at a somewhat foreign point in their franchise history where they have time to let Riley Pint develop. The article at Baseball America discusses the types of adaptions Pint has been making as he develops into a professional athlete.

Colorado Rockies trade deadline: what’s a want and what’s a need? | | RoxPile

The suggestion that the Rockies should trade for some starting pitching might seem a bit odd, given the team control I just wrote about. However, with young pitching being so valuable and assuming that most of the current crop might not have the peripherals needed to remain successful as a starter, there is an opportunity for the Rockies to make a true upgrade for a stud starter while easing up some of the roster logjam.