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Rockies prospect Ryan McMahon joins the Purple Dinosaur Podcast, talks hot hitting and lessons learned

Ryan McMahon is the stuff prospect dreams are made of

The Major League Baseball trade deadline is just three days away, and YOUR Colorado Rockies have already made a pretty impressive move, acquiring All-Star reliever Pat Neshek at not-too-high a cost. What will the next few days look like, and how will the roster stack up come Tuesday?

Enough of that craziness: Let's get to the stuff you're excited to hear. Rockies prospect Ryan McMahon joins this week's edition of the show to talk about his blistering hot start with Triple-A Albuquerque, learning new infield positions, and why he had to spend a lengthy part of Friday morning sitting in the sun outside the drive-thru of an Albuquerque Starbucks. (Sorry, Ryan.)

Plus, how long can the Rockies afford to keep a struggling Carlos González in the lineup? It's not fun, but we'll discuss. It's all on this week's edition of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast! Fire up your monster truck and leap over it!