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MLB Trade Rumors: Marlins scouting Rockies’ system in preparation for 2017 deadline

Which Marlins players could the Rockies be interested in?

The rumor mill is in full swing with the 2017 MLB trade deadline less than a month away. Buyers and sellers are starting the become clearer, and those teams are starting to put the final work in to prepare for what could be a busy trade deadline. For sellers a big part of that preparation is focusing their scouts on the farm systems of teams that they perceive will be interested their most trade-able and desirable players.

One of those sellers is the Miami Marlins. They are focusing their scouting on five teams, including the Colorado Rockies. The New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, and Chicago Cubs make up the rest of the list, according to a report by Clark Spencer, the Marlins’ beat writer for the Miami Herald.

While it’s easy to dream about acquiring one of the Marlins’ sluggers—such as Marcel Ozuna—to help the Rockies’ struggling offense, one of the members of Miami’s bullpen is probably a more likely target for the Rockies. Kyle Barraclough, David Phelps and A.J. Ramos are just a few Marlins relievers who have performed well this season and may be available for the right price.