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Rockies outfielder Charlie Blackmon has become a premier player

Rockies news and links for August 11, 2017

BSN Rockies Podcast: The future may force a choice between Blackmon and LeMahieu | BSN Rockies
Drew Creasman discusses a decision the Rockies will have to face at the end of next season, when both DJ LeMahieu and Charlie Blackmon are set to become free agents. Should the Rockies try to keep them around or slap qualifying offers on them and let them go?

Blackmon, at least, is going to command quite a bit in free agency. A good free agent comparison is Jayson Werth, who signed a seven-year $126 million contract heading into his age 32-season in 2011. That's how old Blackmon will be when he hits free agency. Blackmon could realistically get a $150 million free agent contract, and I'm not sure the Rockies will be willing to match an offer sheet like that.

Charlie Blackmon’s impressive 162-game statistics | Rox Pile
Speaking of Charlie, he’s been the Rockies best hitter over the past year. Kevin Henry uses a High Heat Stats tweet to discuss just how incredible Blackmon has been. They used the previous 162 games mark, during which Blackmon has hit .340/.393/.640 with 44 home runs. In that same time-span, he’s been worth about 6.6 fWAR, too.

Could Rockies bring back Jonathan Lucroy? |
Thomas Harding answers fan questions in his mailbag here. One compelling question is whether or not the Rockies will try to keep Jonathan Lucroy around. Harding writes that it's an interesting idea, but there's going to be the question of playing time.

The Rockies will have a chance to reset next season, and that also means resetting with the two players who were supposed to handle the bulk of the workload behind the plate this season, Tom Murphy and Tony Wolters. Lucroy is great to have around right now, but he might not have room on the roster next season.

The Colorado Rockies need a cheering section | Purple Row
Purple Row community member Reo Radford suggests that the Rockies need a cheering section at Coors Field and I am 100 percent behind this idea.