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Chad Bettis could start Monday for the Rockies

Rockies news and links for August 12, 2017

Bettis a possibility to start Monday at Coors |

We have known since earlier this week that Bettis was going to be back soon, possibly within the week. Patrick Pinak reports that it could be Monday at Coors Field, although Bud Black only offered the ultimate in coach-speak when asked: “It could be Bettis. It could be Senzatela. It could be Chatwood.” Thanks, Bud. Also, let’s go with the Chatwood bullpen reinvention project—that was cool on Wednesday.

As for Bettis, for him to make his return in front of the home crowd feels like a must. That will be a special moment Monday, if it comes to be.

Keri the 10: Mariners drought watch, rally cats, the baby Mets and more MLB notes | CBS Sports

It’s in the “more MLB notes” section that we find more observations about Charlie Blackmon and the outstanding player that he is, which was also the theme of Friday’s Rockpile. Importantly, Keri notes that even when adjusting for Coors Field, Blackmon is an elite hitter. He also writes that Chuck Nazty is a top-10 player in the National League, which is correct.

The Call-Up - Ryan McMahon | Baseball Prospectus

Having shredded Triple-A pitching all season, McMahon finally got the call yesterday, though he didn’t see the field during his debut. It will be interesting to see how McMahon gets playing time in the midst of a playoff race.

Among other things, the BP team notes that McMahon is noted for his power to all fields and his ability to handle high-end velocity. Whenever he does hit the field, it will be exciting to see how those skills translate in the big leagues.

The Fringe Five: Baseball’s Most Compelling Fringe Prospects | FanGraphs

Wes Rogers hype! Ryan Schoppe wrote about Rogers and his crazy basestealing ways this week, and now Rogers appears on the list that Carson Cistulli puts together over at FanGraphs.

We know about Rogers’s speed, but Cistulli also notes the observation of prospect analyst Eric Longenhagen that Rogers could fill out and play center field. As if that’s not enough, outfielder Mike Tauchmann, who has already appeared in the big leagues this year, is also featured on the list.

The teams that wish they could have done things differently at the MLB trade deadline | SB Nation

It’s amazing how much things can change in less than two weeks. Already some teams might wish they had done something different at the July 31st deadline, as Grant Brisbee writes here. Of note to Rockies fans? The St. Louis Cardinals surging up the standings, perhaps wishing they had gone all in. Even with them having not done so, I think people will agree that it would be cool if the Cardinals would lose again.