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Rockies’ Chad Bettis makes his return to the mound on Monday

Rockies news and links for Monday, Aug. 14, 2017.

Chad Bettis' return to Rockies is a story of love, not a story of cancer | Denver Post

It wasn't a matter of "if"; it was always "when." Chad Bettis knew he would make it back to the major leagues even when the times were darkest. Two very happy moments were darkened by diagnosis and chemotherapy—the one-year anniversary of his marriage to Kristina and the birth of his child, Everleigh Rae, respectively—but the couple persevered and chose love over despair in those key moments.

Now that my heart's all fuzzy with emotions, Bettis' return to the rotation will hopefully be an uplifting moment for a team in need of one. This past road trip was not great, with the Rockies going 1-4 and never scoring more that three runs. Now, Bettis won't be too helpful with run production, but he is a pillar in the clubhouse and will bring some more leadership to a young squad.

Arenado uses ejection as learning moment |

Nolan Arenado was ejected on Saturday night for expressing his frustration too outwardly towards a man who was 120 feet away. Regardless of the situation, Arenado knows that he has to stay on the field and in control if the Rockies are going to make the playoffs. Also, of course Arenado says this the day he gets hit in the hand by an errant pitch. (Media curses are real, guys! Seriously!) Get well soon, Nolan.

RBIs help define Rockies' Nolan Arenado, and he's proud of it | Denver Post

As our statistical understanding of baseball has advanced, RBI has become a point of contention for many. The statistical is situational and can fluctuate greatly depending on the game, team, and career situations for each player. Nolan Arenado doesn't care. They're important to him, and as the two-time RBI champion, that's not a surprise. Arenado is on pace to lead the league in RBI again while driving in at least 130 runs. Only 10 other players have done that; nearly all are hall-of-famers or will be.

Also, it’s RBI, not RBIs. RBI stands for Runs Batted In, so when you say RBIs it’s Runs Batted Ins. Grammar saves lives, folks.