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Rockies fans asked, Purple Dinosaur Podcast answered in special ‘Ask PDP’ episode

Tyler and Anthony answered your questions with their typical brand of style and grace.

Editor’s note: This episode was recorded prior to the Rockies’ series in Miami.


Thursday on Twitter, we invited you to submit your #AskPDP questions for this week's show, and boy oh boy, did you come through. You came through so much, in fact, that we decided this week's show would be nothing but your #AskPDP queries.

We run the gamut of Rockies topics from why Raimel Tapia isn't an everyday player to how Pat Neshek's delivery makes him effective. Plus we dissect how "player to be named later" deals work, who the worst actor was to ever play a baseball player in a movie, who the best Rockies player to spoon with would be and more.

It's a weird episode. But a fun one! The 113th edition of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast: boil it down and make a nice soup with it!