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Colorado Rockies announce playoff ticket lottery and purchase details

If you want to watch Rockies postseason baseball, here’s your chance

The Colorado Rockies announced the details for purchasing playoff tickets for the 2017 postseason today. With the Rockies currently leading the NL Wild Card race, fans can register today for the chance to purchase single-game tickets. Go to by the deadlines listed below to register:

National League Wild Card Game Wednesday, Sept 6
National League Division Series Wednesday, Sept. 6
National League Championship Series Thursday, Oct. 5
World Series Thursday, Oct. 12

The Rockies currently have over 80% odds of reaching the playoffs according to most projection systems, so it’s not too presumptuous to think that there will be some postseason action coming to Coors Field this October. However, those odds might be higher than an individual chances of winning tickets, as not everyone who registers to buy tickets will necessarily win the lottery and have a chance to purchase them.

If you don’t want to take your chances with the lottery, fans can guarantee themselves playoff ticket opportunities by placing a deposit towards 2018 season tickets as well.