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Rockies haven’t played up to par during weak part of schedule

Plus, thoughts on the return of Chad Bettis and everything it means (it means a lot)

The Rockies' most inspiring story hit its highest point so far when cancer-slaying hero Chad Bettis returned to the Coors Field mound on Monday and turned in seven shutout innings. It felt so much bigger than baseball to so many, and we'll attempt to break down our thoughts from that day.

Plus, Bettis's return gives the Rockies something they have to be thrilled with right now: a full -- and strong-- starting rotation. With Bettis, Kyle Freeland, Jon Gray, Jeff Hoffman and German Marquez forming the group, Colorado now has its most talented arms lined up 1-5 and can utilize Antonio Senzatela and Tyler Chatwood in more clearly defined relief roles.

With that, we acknowledge that the pitching staff has in fact been good this year. The offense has not been so. We'll discuss how things could improve in that area and what it means that the Rockies have played barely-above-.500 ball against arguably the weakest portion of their schedule.

Plus we're sure there's other stuff in here that you'll like listening to! That might debatable, but hey who knows! It's the 114th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Grind it down to a fine powder and add it to your chocolate shake for a creamy malt mix!