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Listless Rockies lose 8-4 to Brewers

What are 15 other words for “listless”?

Listless [list-lis] adjective: spiritless, without energy. The listless Rockies lost 8-4 to the Brewers.


  • Lackadaisical: Lackadaisical command led Kyle Freeland to walk five batters, two of whom scored.
  • Passive: A passive run is one scored without getting a hit; the Brewers scored a passive run in the fourth inning.
  • Vacant: Bud Black has a vacant look in his eyes when watching a pitcher with poor command.
  • Sluggish: Jesús Aguilar sluggished two home runs.
  • Supine: The Rockies’ bullpen was supine as the Brewers rolled over them for five runs.
  • Lifeless: The ill-conceived fourth inning bunt attempt was lifeless .
  • Inert: See ‘Rockies on base.’
  • Inanimate: Can an inanimate carbon rod hit? Is it available?
  • Dull: A two-run ninth inning was not enough to enliven the dull game.
  • Leaden: The Rockies leaden gloves resulted in four (4) errors.
  • Enervated: Watching the Rockies commit as many errors as runs scored enervated Rockies fans.
  • Drowsy: I started feeling drowsy in the sixth inning, when the game had been on for two and a half hours despite there only being eight (8) hits. It ended more than an hour and a half later.
  • Lukewarm: The once hot postseason hopes have turned lukewarm.
  • Mopish: Losing a home series to the Brewers left Rockies fans mopish.
  • Blah: Blah.


  • Alert: Staying alert to playoff odds can help bring optimism to an otherwise limp lead in to an off day.
  • Awake: Let’s hope the Rockies are awake in Kansas City on Tuesday.