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Rockies Ian Desmond, Tyler Anderson working back from injury

Colorado Rockies news and notes for Thursday, August 24, 2017

Rockies' Desmond set to begin rehab play |

Ian Desmond is on his way back from the disabled list, though the question remains whether he should make it back into the Rockies lineup on a regular basis. His 76 OPS+ is only a hair better than Trevor Story's (75), but at least Trevor has been positive on defense, something we can't be sure Desmond would be now that he's taking grounders at shortstop. Included in the news is an update on Tyler Anderson, who should be back on the field in September. The role he'll take? Who's to say?

Rockies GM Jeff Bridich still believes in club |

If you wanted, you could chalk this up to GM-speak, and that would be fair in a sense. But in this interview with Thomas Harding Jeff Bridich is willing to acknowledge where the shortcomings have been without throwing his players under the bus. That said, Bridich also talks about call-ups and roster expansion as though we can expect those players, some of whom are likely better options than current starters, will make some regular playing time.

Hey Nolan, it's time to fire up your teammates | Rox Pile

Remember last year, when the team was going nowhere and expected to go nowhere, and Nolan Arenado got all up in everybody's face for putting forth a lackluster effort? Kevin Henry implores him to do the same now.

Recounting the offensive issues in August | Rox Pile

Noah Yingling gives a quick rundown of just how bad the Rockies offense has been in the month of August, but he kind of buries the lede here. If you really want to know what's wrong with the Rockies offense, there are three black holes to blame, though one is denser than the others.

That time Rockies catcher Brent Mayne pitched a scoreless 12th inning for the win | The Denver Post

"It’s not often that a position player pitches in a major league game. It’s even more rare when one gets a win." File this one under fun history diversion of the day. When you get to 25 seasons of baseball, you get to start doing more of "Oh yeah, I remember that (kinda)" in moments like these. Which is fun.

Purple Row

Rockies trade Pedro González to Rangers to complete Lucroy deal | Purple Row

I'll let Eric summarize this one: "It’s tough to see González leave, but this is exactly the type of trade a competitive Rockies team should make. They get immediate help for a position of great need in exchange for the possibility of value in 2022."

The case for Shane Broyles, who is owning the Eastern League | Purple Row

In case you missed it last week (I did!), user Jphayson has an excellently written and researched profile on Hartford Yard Goats pitcher and Eastern League All-Star Shane Broyles. Maybe he never makes it to the majors, but there's a certain amount of satisfaction that comes from digging in deep to the story of a man who's devoted his life to the game and to this system. Definitely worth a read.

Around the National League West

Imperfect finish to Rich Hill’s perfect night | True Blue LA

"Dodgers pitcher Rich Hill lost a perfect game in the ninth on an error, then lost the no-hitter and the game in the 10th on a walk-off home run." Look, I'm not going to cry tears over the fact that the Dodgers lost the game--they've amassed so many wins already that Bernie Saunders is starting to get agitated--but Rich Hill nearly went all Harvey Haddix on us which is quite the bummer.

Arizona Diamondbacks 2, New York Mets 4: Wasted Opportunities | AZ Snake Pit

It's not just the Rockies that have been slumping, and it's not just the Rockies that seem to waste good scoring opportunities. Which is good news.

MLB Umpires Protest Verbal Abuse | Gaslamp Ball

Umpires across the league staged a weekend-long silent protest in reaction to "escalating verbal abuse" from players. While I'd like to be sympathetic, Tim Arzaga (aka SD Hat Guy) makes a series of excellent points on the subject.

Giants take series, homestand | McCovey Chronicles

The Giants took a series from the Brewers, which goes to show that, even in a most deliciously devastating season, they are not completely worthless.