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Game No. 130 Thread: Rockies at Braves, Jon Gray vs. Mike Foltynewicz

Rockies and Braves score updates and discussion

The Rockies and Braves start at 11:35 MT this morning. The rubber match will decide the series, and it will also result in either a 3-3 or 2-4 road trip for the Rockies. It’s a big game for the Rockies. It would be very nice to secure a win and a .500 road trip before returning to Denver for a nine-game home stand.

Luckily, the Rockies get to hand the ball to their staff ace today. Jon Gray will make his fourteenth start of the season for the Rockies. He’ll face Mike Foltynewicz. Rockies fans may remember Foltynewicz and his August 16 start at Coors Field, when he allowed eight runs in 313 innings. Here’s to a repeat. Today, Carlos González is back in the lineup, and Gerardo Parra is back in left field. Tony Wolter will catch Gray.

It’s the last day of Players Weekend, so get your fill of those sweet hats. Go Rox.