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What’s your Rocktober story?

It’s been 10 years since Rocktober, and Purple Row will highlight your stories throughout September

Ten years ago today, the Rockies lost to the Giants 3-1. It wasn’t exactly a heartbreaker. Instead, it was a typical San Francisco loss for the Rockies. Rookie Franklin Morales and the bullpen did their job in limiting the damage the last place Giants could do. But the bats couldn’t get anything going against Matt Cain. The loss dropped the Rockies to 67-65, keeping them in fourth place and 6.5 games behind the first place Arizona Diamondbacks.

Then, the Rockies went 22-8 for the remainder of the season, which included an 11-game winning streak and a 13-1 run, to force a one-game playoff against the San Diego Padres. You know what happened after that.

What the Rockies did to create and concretize Rocktober in team history is one story that binds thousands of others together, as fans everywhere watched and connected to what unfolded during September and October in unified by distinctly personal ways. Rocktober binds my story to yours.

What was your Rocktober experience? Where does it fit in your narrative of Rockies and baseball fandom? Where does it fit in the narrative of your life? Where were you at and did it affect you in ways that go beyond baseball? These are the stories we want to hear—stories that can be captured in a moment (where were you when Tony Gwynn Jr. saved the Rockies season?) or a month (how many times did you leave Coors Field in disbelief?).

Throughout September, we’ll highlight your stories on the front page. Simply write up a FanPost whose title begins with the phrase “My Rocktober Story.” And because we’re fans too, you’ll see posts from the Purple Row staff sharing their stories from a decade ago. While we have one eye on the 2017 Rockies and the memories they’ll create, we’ll keep the other on 2007 and the memories that can’t be replaced.