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Rockies’ trade deadline strategy was solid, says Purple Dinosaur Podcast

How do the Rockies look coming out of the trade deadline? What still needs to change? Tyler and Anthony discuss

With the Major League Baseball trade deadline in the rear view mirror, the PDP returns to review the movess the Rockies made -- and didn't make. Pat Neshek and Jonathan Lucroy seem good! The fact that the Rockies didn't overspend for someone else also seems good! What does it all mean going toward the stretch run? Who knows, man. Life is an incredible tapestry of mystery.

Tyler Chatwood got the start for the Rockies on Wednesday and was...not good. Are there any ways Colorado can reduce his amount of work at Coors Field (where he's struggled mightily) while still getting him starts on the road (where he's been very good)? We'll discuss.

Last but not least, Carlos Gonzalez is riding the world's weirdest 11-game hitting streak. Is it a sign that, as we've been told since April, HE'S HEATING UP? Probably not, but it's a possibility! Or maybe it isn't. But it's better than 11 games with no hits which is what it's felt like for the majority of the year.