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Rockies drop game, series to Tigers

Colorado Rockies news and notes for Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Colorado Rockies were once again unable to muster much offense as they fell to the Detroit Tigers 6-2 on Wednesday afternoon at Coors Field. Losing the game meant losing the series once again, as the team continues to cling to a playoff spot only by the force of whatever monkey paw the rest of the teams in the National League made a wish upon.

Justin Verlander was masterful over six innings, allowing just three hits, including a solo home run to Charlie Blackmon in the sixth inning for his only run allowed, a walk and nine strikeouts. Oh, and he also drove in a run—his first career RBI—in the second inning. Yes, an American League pitcher out-hit a third of the Rockies lineup.

Chad Bettis couldn’t get his off speed pitchest working, as he allowed two home runs (a solo shot from Nick Castellanos and a three run game-clincher from James McCann) on hanging breaking balls up in the zone.

Mercifully the Rockies have a day off today and will enter September with a hold on a wild card spot. On Friday, the Wild Card leading Arizona Diamondbacks come to Coors Field in perhaps the most crucial three-game series of the year.


World Series matchups we most (and least) want to see | SweetSpot- ESPN

Consider this a non-exhaustive exercise in dreaming big dreams. David Schoenfield only lists 14 matchups (as of now there are nearly two dozen possibilities still in play), but his logic is pretty hard to argue (at least from a neutral observer's standpoint). Question is how many snow-outs would there be for that Twins-Rockies series?

After waiting nearly a decade to be in a playoff race, have the Rockies run out of gas? | The Denver Post

Mark Kizla tends to go scorched earth from time to time in his column but, though plenty of folks have had issue with this approach in the past, I'm not sure it's unwarranted here.

What the Colorado Rockies need to do down the stretch is simple | BSN Rockies

Everyone in the clubhouse is preaching a "keep it simple" attitude it would seem. But I have an even better suggestion: get more hits.

What to make of Dinger, our prehistoric purple pal? | The Denver Post

I will not allow slander of Dinger to go unnoticed.

Jerry Schemmel cycling to benefit charity |

In case you didn't already know, Jerry Schemmel takes a bike ride every year to raise money for charitable organizations. This year he is riding to support military veterans through Paws for Purple Hearts. This article is a great interview of one of the Voices of the Rockies and how his life was changed forever 28 years ago.

What’s your Rocktober story? Purple Row

It’s been 10 years since Rocktober, and Purple Row will highlight your stories throughout September. Just a friendly reminder to get your submission in. If you need any help writing a FanPost, we have a guide (or two!) for that.

The Morning Blitz | Mile High Sports
Ronnie K and Aniello Piro talk to Adam Ottavino and recap the Rockies' Tuesday night win.