The Colorado Rockies need a cheering section

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In July, Mariners fans created a cheering section for James "Big Maple" Paxton. The Mariners also have the King's Court for Felix Hernandez, and the Yankees have the Judge's Chambers for everyone's favorite Large Adult Baseball-Smackin' Son. It got me thinking: why the heck don't the Rockies have a cheering section?

But first, some ground rules which were arbitrarily defined by me.

Rule one: a player with a cheering section must have been drafted and/or developed by the team with which he has a cheering section. Exceptions include once-in-a-generation talents acquired in their prime and players acquired early in their major league career.

Rule two: two or more players (pitchers excluded) that are on the field at the same time cannot have cheering sections at the same time (i.e. Nolan and Charlie). You can have one cheering section for a regular position player, two sections for a position player and a pitcher, but not two sections for two position players. (EDIT: relievers are excluded. Sorry to all of the diehard Chris Rusin fans.)

Rule three: a player with a cheering section must be a star on his team. We can't go handing them out willy-nilly.

With those rules in mind, let's brainstorm some ideas.

The Obvious

-The Wolf Pack

I shouldn't have to explain the reasoning behind this.

Fans in the section can be given little posters with the wolf emoji on them and howl when an opposing batter has two strikes on him. Maybe even shirts! The possibilities are endless.

-The Library

It's not exactly the best name for a cheering section, but I dare you to come up with a better one for Trevor Story.

This name honestly lends itself to some creative (and slightly disrespectful) things the section can do. Posters with open book covers on them for fans to "read" while the opposing team is at bat, shushing the opposing team at two strikes, etc.

I'm honestly warming up to this idea.

A caveat is that this might be a stretch regarding rule two, but Story was meteoric in his first season, and his defense this season has (for the most part) carried his bat. He's got plenty of time to figure his bat out, so the section stands.

The Superstars Who Deserve A Section, But Dangit, It's Hard To Come Up With Names For Them

Some players have easily cheering-section-able names or nicknames. Paxton, Judge, Syndergaard, etc. Others? Not so much.

-Nolan Arenado

The fact that he doesn't have a cheering section in Denver is criminal. The man's a generational talent and could potentially go down as the best Rockie and maybe even the best third baseman of all time. But we're getting ahead of ourselves! In order to be a great player, you need a cheering section. It's a simple fact, ladies and gentlemen.

The only names I can think of for Nolan are The Hot Corner and TorNado Alley.

The Hot Corner or TorNado Alley would be in the section right next to third base, right up at the edge of the field. Fans seated in the section would be required to be the biggest Nolan Arenado fans on the planet. We don't want any half-[redacted] cheering for our boy! Fans could also be given like a little novelty card or something showing that they're the Biggest Nolan Arenado Fans On The Planet.

-Charlie Blackmon

For the life of me, I can't figure out a good name for Chuck. I'm gonna crowdsource this one to the comments.

Charlie's section should be in section 160, the closest one to where Charlie is in center field. Fans can have either posters with beards or little beard masks, as long as there's something beard related involved. As with Nolan's section, only the most dedicated Charlie Blackmon fans will be allowed in this section.


The Rockies have more than enough talent to justify a cheering section. I highly doubt the actual team will read this or consider a cheering section, but that's okay! The Maple Grove was founded by a few dedicated fans, and we can make one of these sections happen, too.

If there's anyone else you think is deserving of a cheering section, let us know in the comments!

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