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Rockies postseason ticket opportunity open thread

We want to hear about the awesome playoff tickets you just snagged

The Rockies postseason lottery for the Wild Card and Divisional Series is going on today. Depending on what time slot you were assigned, you may have already snagged some sweet tickets to watch the playoffs at Coors Field. There are others who will still have their chance later today as well.

We want to hear about your success stories—so let us know what tickets you managed to snag and which games you will be attending. For those who were not as fortunate to get selected for the lottery, you’re welcome to look for consolation in the comments below as well and maybe someone will pity you and share their seats with you.

Despite Wednesday night’s loss, the Rockies playoff chances are still extremely high, so for the sake of our sanity, we’re all going to assume that the Rockies are definitely going to be playing at least one postseason home game in the thread.