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Rockies proved their worth on the road, still have concerns down the stretch

Tyler and Anthony review the Rockies’ improbable road trip against two playoff teams and discuss what’s next

This time last week, we would not have been expecting to talk about a 6-2 Rockies road trip through Los Angeles and Phoenix that started with a six-game winning streak and a sweep of the Dodgers, but here we are. The Rockies may well have saved their 2017 season over the last eight days, provided they don't screw the pooch over the final two weeks against mediocre opponents. We'll discuss what went right in Hollywood and the desert and how the Rockies may be able to sustain it.

There are still, as Anthony eloquently put it, "areas of concern" with this club. Behind Jon Gray, who gets a nod in a postseason series should the Rockies make it that far? That's a muddled picture at the moment, but we'll discuss it anyway.

Plus, Carlos Gonzalez status: COULD ACTUALLY BE HEATING UP. We'll talk about the Rockies star's turnaround, the possible reasons behind it, and its impact on the playoff chase. It's the 116th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Get it from a vending machine and put it into your backpack for later!