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Rockies have only one thing left to do: Win

Tyler and Anthony talk the stretch run plus some off-the-field stuff that has gone on the last couple of days.

Holy smokes, apparently Nicole is really going to go through with this! Anthony's getting married to a good and decent human woman on Saturday! So on Thursday, we sat in the Arizona sun and sweated our faces off to basically bring you a podcast consisting of content along the lines of "hope the Rockies win." There isn't a whole lot left to say about the 2017 baseball season heading into its final nine days. At this stage, they just need to win. Doesn't make for much exciting podcast material ... BUT!

We find some anyway. Anthony puts together a lineup of himself, Nicole, and his eight groomsmen (Tyler is the three-hole hitter but is relegated to DH). We also dive headlong into the Rockies' new videoboard and the issue of fan safety and expanded netting at Coors Field. It's the 117th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Stuff it into a tuxedo and walk down an aisle with it!