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Rockies pitcher Kyle Freeland could thrive in bullpen role

Rockies news and links for September 24, 2017

Rockies' Kyle Freeland ready for any role |
The Rockies used Kyle Freeland out of the bullpen yesterday, Thomas Harding asked him about how he feels about a new role. Freeland said he's happy and ready to contribute out of the bullpen. If the Rockies do end up playing in the NLDS, that's likely where we'll see Freeland.

Saunders: Casting my vote for NL MVP will be no easy task | The Denver Post
Patrick Saunders doesn't reveal who he will vote for for the NL MVP, but he lays out his thought process and how he'll eventually decide. It sounds like he's leaning toward voting for Charlie Blackmon, but the final week of the season could change things.

‘ROCKTOBER’ REVISITED: Rockies sweep the Padres in monumental series | Mile High Sports
Mile High Sports continues its retro recaps from ten years ago. This time, they look back at the completion of a crucial sweep of the Padres.