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Colorado Rockies offense needs to step up in the last week of season

Colorado Rockies news, notes and links for Wednesday September 27

Rockies have to get over “RISP flu” to save playoff hopes | The Denver Post

Prior to last night's game, the Rockies offense had been the primary cause of much of the stress that the team and their fans had been dealing with. Last night's six run outburst was soothing and hopefully is a sign of things to come rather than an anomaly in the final week of the season. The biggest frustration with the offense has been their inability to score runs that should almost be a given. The perfect example was Monday night when Jonathan Lucroy led off an inning with a triple and then stood at third base for the rest of the inning.

At this point, the Rockies playoff hopes are riding on the offense finding its groove and hopefully carrying that momentum deeps into October. Ifthey go on another one of their patented team-wide, week-long slumps, the Rockies might not even play past Sunday.

Rockies' Tyler Anderson defeats Marlins |

The Rockies two best pitchers may be hitting their stride just in time. Jonathan Gray and Tyler Anderson both dealt with injuries this season that stole large parts of the season away. The silver lining is that the Rockies rookie starters carried the team in their absence and now the two best pitchers in the rotation are considerably more rested then they would have been had they pitched the entire season. A one-two punch of Gray and Anderson might not have the same name recognition that many of the other playoff contenders have, but their results of late are hard to argue with.

Baseball Prospectus | Prospectus Feature: Alternate Reality Playoff Races

The final takeaway from this is "All in all, though, we should be thankful for the current format" and I have to completely agree. Baseball still has the most exclusive playoffs in their current format and this year is very compelling evidence of how adding that second wild-card game greatly increases the chances of meaningful baseball the last week.

Carlos Estevez remains indispensable for Rockies’ future, and present | BSNDenver

The Rockies have used Estevez as a swing man between Triple-A and Denver this season. Since his last call-up though Estevez has shown why he should be an important cog in next year's bullpen with a dominant September run right when the Rockies needed it the most.