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Rockies’ Nolan Arenado earning MVP buzz

Colorado Rockies news and notes for Thursday, September 28, 2017

2017 MLB Awards: MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year and more |

Tom Verducci is one of the best national baseball writers working today. He gives his awards picks by process of elimination, and, lo and behold, the Rockies' Nolan Arenado comes out with the National League MVP. I'm sure his home run on Tuesday didn't hurt, either.

José Altuve, Aaron Judge, and More: Our 2017 MLB Award Picks | The Ringer

The Ringer also released their awards picks and this time they picked Giancarlo Stanton over Nolan for NL MVP. I'm sorry, did Nolan strike out three times yesterday and go 1-for-12 in the three game set? Oh, that was Stanton you say? My mistake...

The Secret Strength of the Rockies Bullpen | FanGraphs Baseball

Eno Sarris with a great interview and analysis on what--and who--has made the bullpen so good this year. Despite six runs allowed over two innings yesterday, the Rockies bullpen has been the most reliable part of the team this year. Even when starting pitching and offense has had its ebbs and flows, save for a few inopportune blown saves, the relief corps has kept a good thing going.

Player Profiles

Blackmon gets the last (least) laugh on a milestone hit; Rockies shut down Stanton | The Denver Post

"Charlie Blackmon's third single Wednesday, a rope to right field off the Marlins' sixth reliever, turned into a career collectible. After Carlos Gonzalez trotted home, Blackmon's hit became his 100th RBI. Then the fun started."

Also of note is Giancarlo Stanton going 1-for-12 with zero home runs in this series. Coming in he had 10 career home runs in 92 Coors Field plate appearances.

Story needed “mechanical and philosophical” tweaks to his hitting. | The Denver Post

Nolan Arenado was intentionally walked twice yesterday in order to get to Trevor Story. Of course, if first base is open with the possible NL MVP coming up to the plate you understand why a team would rather face anyone else. But Story, who has apparently made some beneficial adjustments this month, made them pay.

Rockies prospect McMahon getting advice |

Many of us have been frustrated that we haven't seen more of No. 2 PuRP Ryan McMahon this September. Thomas Harding caught up with him to find out what he's learning and it seems clear that the answer is: a lot. However, with Mark Reynolds and Gerardo Parra slumping, you'd hope that McMahon would at least get a few token pinch hits thrown his way.

In all it's part of a concerning trend going forward of manager Bud Black favoring veterans even when younger players have proved capable--or at least deserve the opportunity to do so. You may say, "They need their vets now while they are pushing for a playoff spot and they can't take chances on young guys!" Part of me would agree with you. But, again, McMahon's utter lack of plate appearances in favor of Alexi Amarista, after Raimel Tapia spending significant time in the majors on the bench during the season, and on and on and on makes me more than a little concerned.

Playoff Push

A tight Wild Card race may not be a bad thing for the struggling Rockies | Mile High Sports

People have long differed on whether it is better to get rest for your regulars headed into the playoffs or to have your pedal on the metal; the numbers suggest it doesn't make a huge difference in performance. But if the Rockies want to play past October 1 they are going to have to keep going full throttle. And, at least psychologically, that could make all the difference.

MLB playoffs 2017: Every possible result for the second NL Wild Card | Purple Row

Breaking down every Wild Card possibility for the final week. Note: This article will be continually updated to take into account game results each day, so check out the bottom of the article to see the latest matrix of outcomes / probabilities.

The Minnesota Twins are going to make the postseason, and we aren’t appreciating that enough |

The secret behind the Twins’ success is kind of obvious, actually, and Grant Brisbee will tell you all about it. Can't wait for his write up about the Rockies making the playoffs.

Homer Bailey dominates as Reds defeat Brewers, 6-0 | Red Reporter

The Reds sure picked a dramatic/convenient time to end their 7-game losing streak! The Rockies are now 2 1/2 games ahead of the Brewers. The Brewers have one game against the Reds left, then three at St Louis. Speaking of...

Wacha falls apart, Matheny does nothing as Cardinals playoff chances end with 5-1 loss | Viva El Birdos

"Yes, the Cardinals aren’t technically officially done and yes Matheny being quicker with the hook probably still leads to a loss, but I think my doom is warranted." Ahhh, sweet, sweet, schadenfreude.

Because baseball is supposed to be fun

Rockies mascot Dinger makes appearance in Marlins TV booth | Purple Row

It went about as well as you might expect an interview of a mute costumed dinosaur might go. Stay for the end, when broadcaster Todd Hollingsworth sums up all our feelings.

Colorado Rockies find a Marcus Allen on their payroll after ‘Jeopardy!’ flub |

Does this mean that contestant gets partial credit?