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Tyler Chatwood to start bullpen game for Rockies Tuesday

Colorado Rockies News and Notes for Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Chatwood to start likely bullpen day for Rox |

Yay, a bullpen day on Tuesday. It’s nice to get a warning about how Tyler Chatwood will be utilized, though I think it’s doubtful he’ll make it through four innings.

Colorado Rockies: Ian Desmond talks about returning to shortstop | RoxPile

The Rockies signed Ian Desmond for his supposed versatility, which prompted a lot of unfair comparisons to Ben Zobrist. The thing with Zobrist, though, is that he’s an above average fielder at multiple positions and a better hitter than Desmond. Nonetheless, it seemed like it could work until the “Ian Desmond is the first baseman” declaration came down the Rockies pipeline. With the season winding down, we finally got the chance to see a bit of how the rest of Desmond’s career could play out.

Though Desmond started the game at shortstop, when Chad Bettis was removed from the game, Trevor Story came in to play short and Desmond moved over to first base, avoiding the need at that time to pinch hit for the pitcher. Another thing to note is that Desmond is currently hitting right handed pitchers much better than Story. Perhaps there’s a chance of a loose platoon in the season going forward.

That kind of action could play out in the future. Perhaps Blackmon needs a day off, giving Desmond the start in center field. What if LeMahieu gets hurt or leaves? Desmond could cover for multiple positions, even if the length and terms of weren’t (and still aren’t) all that good.

Ian Desmond moves to shortstop as Rockies try to kick-start an ailing offense; Charlie Blackmon continues to roll | Denver Post

Meanwhile, Desmond apparently wasn’t rearranging deck chairs on the Rockies Titanic, but changing the status quo. The article also discusses the month long preparation Desmond needed, but curiously forgot to buy an infielder’s glove in the process. Nick Groke also quotes Desmond’s belief that Story, defensively, is “right there, if not a ticket above” Troy Tulowitzki. Feel free to discuss in the comments below.