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Bud Black on managing the roster for the September chase to the postseason

Colorado Rockies news and notes for Thursday, September 7, 2017

Black wants guys rested for playoff push |

One of the stated reasons the Rockies had for bringing Bud Black on to manage the team was because of his experience managing a playoff chase. One of the most crucial aspects of this is managing the workloads of players to keep them fresh when every game takes on a heightened level of importance.

Kiszla: Have Rockies fans lost faith in the home team during heat of the playoff race? | The Denver Post

There are certain members of the fanbase who won't read Mark Kiszla out of habit. That's fine; you can do what you want with your clicks. But Kiz makes some pretty compelling points in this article. While there are certainly legitimate, in-a-vacuum reasons to not want to attend a Tuesday night's game (first weekday after a long weekend, the Giants are in town, cooler weather, the Giants are in town, too many people downtown these days, the Giants are in town), the Rockies only had 24,000 plus in paid attendance. This for a team that currently holds a playoff spot (and, after yesterday's mixed results, still do) and a fanbase that has been longing for meaningful September games for what feels like ages.

But if you think Kiz is just laying it on the fans, don't miss this: "But here’s what I fear is the real reason the vibe in Coors could not have been deader if somebody forgot to pay the electric bill. This team, which has a 27-38 record since June 20, has become almost unbearably painful to watch."

It's been hard to follow this team, even for those of us watching from far flung places. But the point still stands that this is what we've been waiting for. Let's not bail on them now. If nothing else, remember that, no matter when it begins, winter is long.

The Rockies are still in a prime position for a Wild Card | Beyond the Box Score

Things haven’t been going very well for the Rockies during the past couple of months, but the talent is still there to make the playoffs. Just in case you thought we were the only ones trying to spin a positive take on this team right now.

Rockies shame Keith Olbermann for tweet about player 'eating' on field | Yahoo Sports

If you missed this, well, congratulations for not being on Twitter; what's it like being a sane person? (That's really clever, I should tweet that...). But the Rockies and the Mariners rightly called out former Sportscenter anchor for being outraged that Mark Reynolds for eating sunflower seeds on the field. Yes, a former Sportscenter anchor seemed unaware that sunflower seeds were being eaten. Given the selected screenshot, maybe he should've been making fun of the way Reynolds was eating a large candy bar or whatever he thought was happening. Who knows. The main takeaway is that Olbermann needs some ice for those burns.

Bats silent again, Brewers swept by Reds with 7-1 loss | Brew Crew Ball

In better news, the Brewers lost on Wednesday, which keeps the Rockies' Wild Card lead at 2 1/2 games. Cincinnati outscored Milwaukee 21-8 over three games, so it's not just us having offensive woes.