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Rockies hanging by a thread, but there’s hope they’ll keep it that way

Does anybody want the second NL Wild Card spot? Anyone?

We know you've been waiting a while for a return of the PDP, so here it is, with some international flavo[u]r. Tyler is off in Canada broadcasting some U18 World Cup baseball while Anthony is in the final run-up to his wedding day, but nothing is more stressful than the Rockies, who are doing everything they can to hand away a Wild Card berth while heading into the most crucial road trip of the year. We'll discuss why the team in the most offensively friendly ballpark in Major League Baseball history can't score runs and what can be done about it.

Plus, some good news: nobody else seems to want to make the playoffs in that second Wild Card spot, either. So with that in mind, we'll look at the weeks ahead and why (hopefully) there are reasons to not lose hope.

It's the 115th episode of the PDP. Drizzle some gravy and cheese curds on it and fry it up real good!