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The most memorable Rockies moments of 2017

Rockies news and links for Monday, January 1, 2018

Blackmon, Arenado powered Rox to WC berth |

It’s officially the New Year, and what better way to ring it in than a look back at the best Colorado Rockies moments of 2017? Thomas Harding of does a terrific job selecting his top-5, and I’d be hard-pressed to argue it should look any different. There are fantastic video segments for each moment, so we can relive the joy, excitement, inspirational, and heart-tugging emotions that made the 2017 season so special. If nothing else, read it and watch for this classic Hunter Pence Experience.

What about you, Purple Row readers? Are there any moments you think Harding missed that should make 2017’s Best of the Rockies? What has you most looking forward to Rockies baseball in 2018?

Colorado Rockies: New Year’s Resolutions for the 2018 season | Rox Pile

In classic New Year’s Day fashion, Rox Pile looks forward to 2018 and suggests the Rockies and Jeff Bridich should make these four New Year’s Resolutions. It is a modest list, but two of the four resolutions involve the controversial potential free-agent signing of Carlos González or Eric Hosmer. I believe both of them are going to cost too much to find a cost-effective role on this playoff contending Rockies team, but I do agree that the positions they fill need to be addressed — and soon — by Bridich.

Bridich gives Arenado even more reasons to stay in Colorado | Mile High Sports

It has become crystal-clear the Rockies will be contending for the postseason and an NL West title, or more, for the next few years. As fans, there is so much to be excited about and look forward to, from our new Super Bullpen and young pitching staff, to All-star caliber position players and top-tier prospects pushing for playing time with the ball club. Mile High Sports takes a closer look at what would be the icing on the cake for the Rockies and their fans during this window of contention — how Jeff Bridich can convince Nolan Arenado to sign an extension and possibly become a Rockie for life.

Around the League

Don’t have sports idols | Twinkie Town

The sarcasm in the title is both obvious and subtle. I, for one, never knew the stories about Kirby Puckett — they are not for the faint of heart — and the terrible things he did in the past. I grew up chasing fly balls in the yard or on the field and imagining I could play baseball like Kirby, crashing into the outfield wall and making game-saving, acrobatic catches. In the very early stages of baseball becoming a game of heroes in my mind, he was one who stood tall and center-stage. It is difficult to imagine the pain Kirby Puckett has caused others, and the pain of discovering a man who was once a legend in my mind is actually a monster — well, it pales in comparison.

Nevertheless, Twinkie Town author myjah writes a compelling article that dissects the dichotomy of a fallen hero and how to grapple with both loving and hating an idol who turns out to be a disgrace. It is particularly relevant today, with the developing Miguel Sano story, and the discovery of numerous stars in Hollywood and beyond who have committed horrible acts and who deserve to be ostracized themselves. It’s a reminder that even the sports world and game of baseball are not safe from shattered reputations, and we should remain vigilant and ready to stand up to hate and violence whenever it rears its ugly head — even if it hits close to home.