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What might the Rockies do with the remainder of the offseason?

Rockies news and links for January 17

Lunch Special: What’s your projected Rockies rotation for 2018? | Denver Post

Once again, Patrick Saunders tackles fan questions about the Rockies. He takes a stab at the Andrew McCutchen trade, saying that while it will certainly assist the Giants next year, it probably won’t move them very far up in the division. The veteran bats are helpful, but they don’t make up for a team that doesn’t boast much athleticism. Next he moves into what the remainder of the offseason might hold for the Rockies. There’s still some time and some trade possibilities, but we’ll have to wait and see what their plans are. The only thing that seems pretty sure is that the bullpen is just about done. Saunders doesn’t anticipate another pitching adjustment, with Wade Davis, Bryan Shaw, and Jake McGee filling those spots.

Saunders fields some questions about decisions surrounding Charlie Blackmon’s arbitration, the potential to resign Mark Reynolds, and a doubt that Carlos Gonzalez will return to Denver in 2018. One question I found interesting was the move toward Chris Iannetta. Our catching has been a bit of an issue lately, but Jonathan Lucroy was quite a catch (pun intended) last year. However, the Rockies were hoping to save a little money that they could apply to their bullpen, opting for Iannetta, who could actually be a huge asset for the Rockies.

Then there are the usual questions, like who will provide the big bat for the Rockies, what will the outfield look like, and what will happen with the free agents of next offseason (namely DJ LeMahieu, and Charlie Blackmon) and after 2019 (Nolan Arenado)? As always, I love hearing Saunders’ takes on fan questions, as well as seeing what other Rockies fans are curious about this offseason.

Colorado Rockies rumors: Bud Black alludes to possible moves coming | Rox Pile

In a radio interview, Bud Black has hinted that we can maybe expect some more for the Rockies this offseason; however, it’s a big maybe that has given us all plenty of room to speculate. Perhaps it will be bringing back Mark Reynolds to free up Ian Desmond for the outfield. Or maybe it will be an entirely new outfielder like Lorenzo Cain. I think most of us are thinking (and hoping) that this supposed move will come on the offensive side of the game, as we have a bullpen to be proud of. Opening Day draws near, and I’m anxious to see what the Rockies do with the remainder of their offseason.

Mark Reynolds wants to return to the Rockies -- at the right price | Denver Post

Mark Reynolds has expressed interest in returning to the Rockies for another season. At this point in his career, the 34-year-old is looking for a solid deal that he can rely on. And he’s got some numbers on his side: 30 home runs, 97 RBIs, and a .267 batting average. Although his performance wasn’t exactly consistent throughout the season, the Rockies might be willing to bring him back, working at first base in conjunction with Ryan McMahon. Reynolds has expressly indicated his interest in coming back to the Rockies, where he feels like he could contribute to a team he hopes will do big things in 2018.

Rockies shortstop Trevor Story has a big opportunity in 2018 | Purple Row

Hayden Kane shares his thoughts on what the Rockies offense might look like in 2018. The offseason has been spent building up the bullpen, with not a lot of activity on the offensive side. Given that the majority of their budget has gone toward pitchers, Kane suggests that this provides an opportunity for current Rockies to step up and provide that boost we might need. David Dahl is getting a lot of attention, and we’re all ready to welcome him back after an injury-plagued 2017.

But we can’t forget about Trevor Story. Story had a great season defensively, playing shortstop just about as well as we could ask him to. He struggled at the plate, striking out 191 times. If he were able to develop himself as a hitter, he would become that much more of an asset for the Rockies. This one move alone won’t solve all the Rockies’ offensive problems, but Story is a talent that could give the Rockies something to root for next year.