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Rockies will have to juggle Blackmon, LeMahieu, and Arenado next year

Rockies news and links for January 29, 2018

Colorado Rockies: Youth could push DJ LeMahieu out after this season | Rox Pile

Even as we are getting ready to head into the 2018 season, the Rockies are already preparing for what will happen in the next year. We have to prepare ourselves for the potential loss of either Charlie Blackmon, DJ LeMahieu, Nolan Arenado or some combination of the three. It will not be financially feasible for the Rockies to keep these All-Stars, but we’ll have to see who will stick around.

Smart money’s on Arenado, who could likely be the face of the franchise. Blackmon seems to be next in line, and we have already seen the Rockies’ willingness to do what it takes to keep him around. So where does that leave LeMahieu? Part of the decision will be based on what we’ve got on our farm teams. Many of the young men ready to try their hands in the majors are capable of filling in at second base, like Ryan McMahon, Brendan Rodgers, and Garrett Hampson. The Rockies are a team that likes to bolster up its young stars, and with decision-making time coming up, it seems that LeMahieu will be the one who gets pushed out by the strong young players coming up.

Former Rockies pitcher dies in Venezuela amid lack of medication | Denver Post

Marcos Carvajal, a former pitcher for the Rockies (2005) and the Florida Marlins, died Monday of pneumonia in his Venezuelan home. He had checked himself into the hospital, but Venezuela is tragically low on necessary medications. Despite being sent antibiotics from abroad and returning home, Carvajal suffered a relapse and passed away after being rushed to the hospital. Venezuela has been struck by an intense economic crisis, and it is hard to see this kind of thing happening. Our thoughts are with his family during this challenging time.

Colorado Rockies: Hey Miami, we’ll take Justin Bour | Rox Pile

The Miami Marlins have been completely rearranging their team this offseason. They have been shipping their stars, putting on a baseball fire sale. Who knows what their next step will be, but Olivia Greene at Rox Pile contemplates that maybe they could consider a trade with the Rockies. While we had maybe held our breath a little over Christian Yelich, Greene posits that first baseman Justin Bour should make his way west. He put up some solid numbers with the Marlins, and he could potentially fill our slot at first base.

Murray | Diamondbacks sign Neftali Feliz | FanRag Sports

The Arizona Diamondbacks have come to an agreement with pitcher Neftali Feliz in a minors deal. Despite a season affected by poor health and lackluster performance, several teams expressed interest in the right-handed relief pitcher. If the 29-year-old can maintain a clean bill of health, he might prove to do some good things with the Diamondbacks.