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Offseason daydreams: An imaginary Rockies trade during cold stove season

Rockies news and links for January 3, 2018

Imagining a Rockies-Marlins blockbuster trade | Purple Row

When we look at potential trade outcomes left in this offseason, there seems to be some matchup in need between the Rockies and the Marlins. JT Realmuto has apparently requested a trade, and Christian Yelich has some doubts about the direction Miami is taking with the team. Hayden Ringer suggests that these pursuits might match those of the Rockies. It is certainly true that we could use someone stronger behind the plate, and 26-year-old Realmuto would allow for some needed talent in a position that hasn’t been up to par. Without Jonathan Lucroy in the lineup, we are left with Chris Iannetta, Tony Wolters, and Tom Murphy as our core catchers. The overall value of these players in terms of WAR would nearly double with the addition of Realmuto.

While we are hypothetically shopping the Marlins, let’s try on Christian Yelich for size. Another 26-year-old, Yelich has proven himself over the past few seasons and seems on the verge of superstardom. Adding him in the outfield would be a great addition but would require a move to one of the corners, as Charlie Blackmon currently resides in center field. However, if we wanted to pursue this, what would it cost us?

In order to obtain both these players, the Rockies would have to be willing to give up some of their best prospects, on the level of Brendan Rodgers. It might take a lot in order to get them, but these two players could help make the Rockies ready for another trip to the playoffs. We already have a solid framework for success, but a trade like this with the Marlins might be the ticket to our first division title in Rockies history.

Bridich: Tough NL West makes Rockies better |

In an interview with High Heat’s Christopher Russo, Rockies GM Jeff Bridich expresses approval of the state of the NL West, emphasizing that a difficult division pushes each team to work harder and be better.

Tyler Chatwood had a conflicting run with the Rockies | Purple Row

Tyler Chatwood has signed with the Chicago Cubs, and Kyle Bishop breaks down his ups and downs in Denver. There were days (especially on the road) when Chatwood delivered everything the Rockies could ask of him. However, he could never provide a consistent enough performance. He started taking a backseat to other pitchers in 2017 when he struggled even on the road. While we’ll miss his shining moments, like the shutout last April, it was definitely time for us to say goodbye.

Around Baseball

Milwaukee Brewers: How does their bullpen compare to Colorado? | Reviewing The Brew

Milwaukee and Denver had very different approaches to their bullpens this year. The Rockies went big, shelling out for the most expensive bullpen to date. The Brewers went another way with it, with their highest paid pitcher getting only $1.75 million. While price doesn’t necessarily equate with skill, there is a reason why the pitchers the Rockies signed came with a big price tag. The article comes to the conclusion that the advantage goes to the Rockies, both in terms of cost and performance.