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Will the Rockies find success at first base?

Rockies news and links for January 7, 2018

Colorado Rockies hoping Ryan McMahon follows Cody Bellinger’s path? | Rox Pile

As the Rockies have focused on their bullpen this season, many of us have wondered what first base will look like in 2018. It seems now that 23-year-old Ryan McMahon will be on first on Opening Day, with Ian Desmond in the outfield with Charlie Blackmon and Gerardo Parra. Kevin Henry argues that this makes a certain kind of sense. First base has been a bit of a tricky spot in the past few years, ever since Todd Helton retired. Last year did not go according to plan, with injuries getting in the way. Overall, though, it worked out pretty well, with Mark Reynolds having a good year.

The decision to put McMahon on first is not unprecedented. Last year, the Dodgers did something similar with Cody Bellinger, and it was a good move for them. Bellinger had a great start to the season, with 39 home runs and 97 RBIs. Given McMahon’s performance in the minor leagues, the Rockies can be hopeful for a similar kind of scene in 2018. Even if McMahon does not have a Bellinger-style season, we still have a lot to look forward to with a strong bat at first base.

Football Friday: A serious critique of Brandon Barnes’ paintings | Purple Row

If you haven’t had a chance yet to see Brandon Barnes’ paintings of Nolan Arenado, check those bad boys out. Connor Farrell provides a, ahem, highly-educated artistic critique of what was undoubtedly one of the best Nolan moments of 2017, if not all-time: his walk-off cycle on Father’s Day.

Larry Walker in the Hall of Fame?

Brian Kenny touts the excellent play of Larry Walker and promotes him as a Hall of Fame candidate. Kenny acknowledges the Coors Field effect, but examines on the road stats that indicate the true nature of LARRY WALK-ER’s HOF-worthy performance.

Dodgers and Rockies take different approaches to building a better bullpen | LA Times

A lot of hype currently surrounds the Rockies mega-bullpen. It is expensive--$106 million--but the Rockies are hoping for some intense return on investment. The Dodgers have a different approach this offseason. The Dodgers have opted for more cost-effective pitching, and I suppose only time will tell which move will create more wins.

Rockies Double-A affiliate Yard Goats offering yoga with goats | Denver Post

When you’re a farm team, sometimes you’ve got to do farm stuff, like the Yard Goats are doing with their goat yoga. The classes will involve basic yoga moves done while goats wander around. The team’s GM, Mike Abramson hopes this will be a good marketing opportunity for the team, and it seems to be working so far: the classes are sold out. Who knows, maybe they’ll skip the baseball and just do downward dogs with goats.

Around Baseball

Blue Jays acquire Yangervis Solarte | MLB Trade Rumors

The Blue Jays are adding to their infield by acquiring Yangervis Solarte from the Padres. Solarte has made the rounds of the infield for the Padres, playing at first, second, and third base, and he will likely be able to contribute to the Blue Jay’s offense as well, having swung the bat well throughout his career.